The Scarlet Letter - Part 2

Changes are a thing. 

So, the last post had a few paint elevations that needed to change after talking with creative team. I will say that being able to makes changes quickly in Photoshop has been a huge upside in my process. In my past process, it would have meant reprinting all the drafting and starting from scratch. Not terrible, just time consuming. I also really love sitting at home with the family by the fire as I crank out these elevations.

I did want to highlight the Canon ip8720 printer I used to turn in the Paint elevations to the shop . I had never used this printer before, an I found it to create some amazing results.

All elevations were printed on 13X19” Canon matte photo paper. 

I will add, that every time I need to print something, the printer always seems to be “Low on Ink”. so after doing a full restock of ink, I was set to “Print”.

Below I will highlight some of the changes that I made prior to submitting the final Paint Elevations. 

First up are the Towers, which did not have any changes to them, I just needed to show all sides in the elevations. 

Next is the Deck, which due to budget and build constraints, became a rectangular shape utilizing more of our stock platforms. 

Old Deck Paint Elevation

New Deck Paint Elevation

The Scaffold did not significantly change, but I did adjust the opacity of a few layers to get a darker finish. 

The Pillory did not change other than just adding a few more shadows and cutlines to define the piece more. 

Big changes with the Bed and Cradle…..

Old Bed and Cradle Paint Elevations 

New Bed and Cradle Paint Elevations 

Also big changes with the Tree Canopies….

Old Tree Canopy Paint Elevations 

New Tree Canopy Paint Elevations 

no major change to the Bench  Paint Elevation, mainly since I had forgotten to do one!


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