As I continue to rework or create new work in Photoshop, I thought I would share some of the process more in-depth. 

I initially found this video from Scenic Designer Shawn Irish, that helped give me an approach to a PDF or Jpeg of a drafted scenic element.

There are lots of videos that are from interior designers that can also help such as this one: 

Starting with this drafting plate….

And this “metal” texture from I started looking at the concrete textures, but actually found a better resource image in the metal category.

After creating different layers and groups for the Balustrade, I added the texture in to each layer and the manipulated the metal texture using an artistic filter “Sprayed Strokes. Layer order or Hierarchy is always important to remember!

I added Inner or Drop shadows in “Layer Style” to give the elevation some depth.

As I worked through the file with many Layers, it can be useful to create “Groups” to organize the file and not get lost in the Layers”

Moving on to the Vase and another texture from This time I used a Bronze Copper for the based and again used an  “Artistic Filter” to manipulate the resource.

Lastly, I needed some Edelweiss to finish it off. I found this resource and adjusted it using another “Artistic Filter”:

To finish off the elevation, I found a great watercolor paper image and used it as my background to give is finished look. I have this background layer set at 22% opacity, so that the image does not over power the final elevation.  


Using Format