Star series

Some fun projects using images of constellations with Clipping Masks and Magic Wand tool. 

Starting with a metal frame of a lion.. (you can buy here if you want a metal frame version for your home:

and adding in a image from the Cygnus constellation for the mane which I located on the NASA website. This link takes you to a NASA website that has a plethora of free images to use.

and adding in this image for the lion face

finished image

Here are a few more fun projects using a a framing device with the space image as a background. This next few were created using Photoshop on the IPad.

Project 1 

Project 2 -  using a grill pattern of a register

Project 2 -  using a pressed tin ceiling tile 

Project 3 -  using a grill pattern in a stone wall creates an amazing view..

Project 3 -  another interesing grill pattern

Project 4, is a quirky one that features a beautiful fireplace from the Crescent hotel, which is supposed to be haunted, and the infamous Ghost Nebula. A fitting use of the constellation. I still want to work on a few aspects of this before it is finished. 

Using Format