Lamp Series

Continuing on my Dancer and Lamp compsite images… I found the Following images of Dancer David Motta Soares from the Bolshoi Ballet on his Wikipedia page. I believe photo credit for this image of Mr. Soares belongs to Alexander Yakovlev and you can see more of his beautiful work in the link below.

I found the Following images of Dancers  Sean Aaron Carmon and Kleber Rebello photographed by Ken Browar and Deborah Ory at the following site:

Their NYC Dance series has many stunning images of dancers in motion and if you want to buy their award winning book here is the link:

Lamp source images for the project.

Ikea of Course

 I really love this lamp below designed by Dirk Van Erp which is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection.

I did watched a great video with Aaron Nice about adding light beams to the images found here:

you can find more videos from PHLEARN here:

Beam of Light source images for the Layer masks..

First image

The second image is a still from a stunning video from Golan Heights, Israel

Third Image

Final images  

This composite series has been fun way for me to continue to learn the intricacies of Photoshop, but i still feel as if I am only scratching the surface.


As mentioned in the last post, I took a two-day Illustrator class a few weeks back and I have been working on a few projects using that software.I had some fun and created a board game for my son to play using some DC and Marvel Hero Clix Figures. Hero Clix are fun to play, but I wanted to start him with something simpler.

Wham, Bam, Zoom, Kapow, Smash!

I made it a bit big, but it is fun to play as a family and has helped him reinforce his counting skills using the two dice.


As I mentioned, I finished taking a 4 day beginner and intermediate Photoshop class American Graphics Institute(AGI) in December . If I learned nothing else, I learned certainly how to work in a “Non-Destructive” manner.  Most of my previous attempts in Photoshop were very destructive to the original picture, which left me with very little options to “UN-do” my changes or make alterations without having to start over. I certainly learned many other other aspects to the program, but this was a fundamental aspect that will guide me in future projects.  I truly recommend taking classes through AGI if you want get a grasp on a particular program. They offer many different classes with a variety of software, too many to list here.

As a Scenic Designer, I work to design environments that encompass or enhance actions of a performer. So for fun, I started on a simple project based on the idea of creating a performance space out of a generic picture.

To begin with, I found a “Pixar” style lamp 

Added a beam of light

I found some great photos of dancers online, but this one of Edward Watson, the Principal Dancer from the Royal Ballet caught my eye. It is from a photoshoot that photographer Rick Guest did with Watson. Here is link with a article about the photoshoot between Guest and Watson:

Buy the book here…

The final look here.

Next up will be a project I did in Adobe Illustrator for my son. I did a two class in Illustrator through AGI last week and spent some time exploring that program. 

Using Format