Don Giovanni

Alright….. It has been a semester and more things are in the works, but I wanted to share some more Photoshop Paint Elevations to the blog. I’m finding a groove, with my process, but still learning so much.. In late November I was asked to start working on a production of Don Giovanni for the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. What I did not realize at the time… This would be the very first full length opera that would have a public audience in this brand new building. I actually was not aware of this fact until about two weeks prior to opening. The building is stunning inside and out. Read more here

The process was quick, about 6 weeks from first design conversation to when they wanted a design presentation. The initial weeks of creating the design were difficult for me. Ask my wife and design colleagues.  I really struggled with this one, but it was worth the struggle. 

Below are the Paint Elevations. While I love the watercolor paper background for the paint elevations on the computer screen, when they printed I do not like the texture. It could be I need to mess with it in the final print or find a different texture to give me the look I want.



Colonnade and Donna Anna wall

Dining Wall -  this unit was stunning when the walls spilts to reveal the Commandatore! 

These gates moved around the space to contain the characters. The metal source for these units is and always will be Kings Architectural Metal

The Grave 

whose does not love a moon box?

Another tree canopy similar to the previous show.

Lions and flowers

Star series

Some fun projects using images of constellations with Clipping Masks and Magic Wand tool. 

Starting with a metal frame of a lion.. (you can buy here if you want a metal frame version for your home:

and adding in a image from the Cygnus constellation for the mane which I located on the NASA website. This link takes you to a NASA website that has a plethora of free images to use.

and adding in this image for the lion face

finished image

Here are a few more fun projects using a a framing device with the space image as a background. This next few were created using Photoshop on the IPad.

Project 1 

Project 2 -  using a grill pattern of a register

Project 2 -  using a pressed tin ceiling tile 

Project 3 -  using a grill pattern in a stone wall creates an amazing view..

Project 3 -  another interesing grill pattern

Project 4, is a quirky one that features a beautiful fireplace from the Crescent hotel, which is supposed to be haunted, and the infamous Ghost Nebula. A fitting use of the constellation. I still want to work on a few aspects of this before it is finished. 

Fun Musings with the 6yr old

Not all of this is for work!!!

So just deviating a bit, I have been doing some Photoshop on the IPAD with the kid. He is 6 and full of creative ideas and the less complex version on the IPAD really lets him have fun. He spent one day telling his mother and Grandparents how excited he was that we were we gonna Photoshop that night. We didn’t(because I always lose or misplace things and could not find my apple Pencil and he had a melt down. The next day I went out and bought a new pencil and we have been having fun since. Below are some collaborations between him and I and some are him on his own..  It been so much fun guiding him on these.

The first series is him finding some images currently in my photo library and just put them in. 

He likes Banksy!!!!

The next few, I helped him do a “Mask”, but the ideas are all him.

I love his “sunken treasure” 

A nod to Nightmare Before Christmas and Jack Skellington

The next one is some of his Character drawings from school along with a random mannequin. I helped him Mask the images and he did the rest. 

The last two he took the pictures with a few ornaments off the Christmas tree in his room and wanted to use those. PEW-PEW! (this one I did for him)

weird looking fleas (this one is all him)

and the last one… nibble nibble!

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