Reworking- Sense and Sensibility

I know, I know, I know….. I am way late to the Photoshop Party but, better late than never.

As I mentioned last Blog, I finished taking a 4 day beginner and intermediate Photoshop class American Graphics Institute(AGI). If I learned nothing else, I learned how to work in a “Non-Destructive” manner.  Most of my previous attempts in Photoshop were very destructive to the original picture, which left me with very little options to “UN-do” my changes or make alterations without having to start over. I certainly learned many other other aspects to the program, but this was a fundamental aspect that will guide me in future projects.  I truly recommend taking classes through AGI if you want get a grasp on a particular program. They offer many different classes with a variety of software, too many to list here. The classes don’t really address how to approach theatrical paint elevations but I am finding my way.

I am now beginning to rework paint elevations from my 2019 design of Sense and Sensibility.  

Here was a Vectorworks based paint elevation that I did for the walls. It served the purpose, but Vectorworks is certainly not meant to create beautiful paint elevations. 

New versions below

What I really love, is the ability to enhance the walls using “Layer Styles” such as: Drop Shadow, Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss, etc. So easy to make choices and changes!

Here is a look at the surrounding walls.

Stay tuned, as I  finish these elevations in the coming week.


Monday…. I will begin an exciting journey by taking a 4 day online Photoshop class with American Graphics Institute.  I have always had a fear of Photoshop which led me to avoid a deep dive into truly understanding the program. 

Recently I begin to explore Photoshop App on the iPad and created a series composite renderings for  Thornton Wilder’s “Playlets” or miniature plays. Wilder created these “Three minute plays for Three people” and a rife with creative possibilities.

Nascuntur Poetae - Imagining a young Banksy beginning his journey

The Penny That Beauty Spent (with - Misty Copeland)


Below, I did a fun “Appia” exploration using one concrete texture for all surfaces.

I look forward to the time to explore Photoshop and also Sketchup over the next 8 months and refining these renderings. Following this course, I will begin my long awaited sabbatical during which I will work to create a series of unrealized scenic designs. With my sabbatical, I am going to have the opportunity to focus and spend time on working on projects that I have yet to explore. 

Titles on my mind at the moment: 

Marie Antionette by David Adjmi

 I am also in search of some new work or partnerships to explore… so if you know of new scripts or even playwrights wanting to collaborate in a design process, send them my way. 

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